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Chasing Unicorns: how the EdTech Unicorn Pin came to be

Three of us sat together at “yet another edtech conference” we were probably listening to a wild-eyed techno-solutionist deliver an “ode to the new LMS”, […]

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Clickbait, Lies and Propaganda

So, this is not a new subject. Or a new phenomena. And what sparked me off this morning was a tweet from Eric Stoller. There are so many things going on in this tweet I actually struggled on where to start. But then I, like Eric, decided to challenge the headline; because I think it […]

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What cats taught me about project management

Recently we held a really fun day of internal talks around a variety of issues. I chose to build on the metaphor that Amber Thomas first suggested around “cats and dead birds”. I have used this before in workshops, but I wanted to build on it, and with limited time available (max 10 minutes) this […]

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This post has no title…

…just words and a tune I was re-reading Marcus Ellliott’s blog post last night, “Singing along, but I don’t know the words” seeing if I could spot any more spelling mistakes ;-). It was nice to be included on a list of “contemporaries” such as that. I started thinking about what are the common elements […]

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Today I am 50: I am birder

Today I am 50 years old. I am going birdwatching. I started birding (a term we use for birdwatching) in the late 70’s and I have always been an aspiring amateur naturalist. So what’s that got to do with this blog? My birding kit in the 70’s was a notebook (the paper kind), an Observer’s […]


Time to put a stop to the Sound-byte Generation

Touch-Screen Generation, iPad Generation, Generation Z, Touchscreen Teens These kinds of terms are a useful way for identifying if a talk will be any good or whether it will be full of sound-bytes. But the language is more than that, using it in this way disenfranchises billions of people in the world with no access […]