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In Support of our Trans Colleagues

We would like to thank colleagues who collectively helped us draft this letter. The recent surge in long-standing prejudice against trans people in the UK […]

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Who the hell do I think I am?

Chris reflects on how managing a Twitter account that he uses for personal and professional reasons can sometimes look a little confusing to the outside world and why the choices we make about what we put on social media have implications for those in positions of leadership.

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Résumé vs Network: what do they say about you?

It might be the time of year, or it might be that there are some interesting job appearing in the sector, but whatever the reason, my inbox is full of Linkedin requests, and no small amount of requests for the writing of linkedIn recommendations. In addition, I noticed that some institutions and organisations have reverted […]

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This post has no title…

…just words and a tune I was re-reading Marcus Ellliott’s blog post last night, “Singing along, but I don’t know the words” seeing if I could spot any more spelling mistakes ;-). It was nice to be included on a list of “contemporaries” such as that. I started thinking about what are the common elements […]

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Open practice? Reflections from the towpath.

This is a story about open practice, that I have told before, but is worth telling again. Not least because you can take from it what you will and add what layers and meanings you need to. This is what I have taken, 5 years later, from it. May 2011. I am on Holiday, I […]