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Push the Narrative Back!

“Why won’t you let us innovate?!” “You are holding us back!” “If we have to do the things you say, we won’t be able to […]

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Protected: Immersive Technologies and Sustainability: The Key Challenges and Opportunities Ahead

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
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If you set a minimum standard…

… that’s what they’ll strive for.  I was recently asked how I would change something to make the accessibility elements more in line with inclusive principles. […]

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How our digital capability tools can help you to make your college’s services more accessible

Our suite of services in digital capability – Digital experience insights, Building digital capability, and the Digital elevation tool – can support and help you to enhance accessibility and inclusion in your college. Accessibility may be a concern within specific curriculum areas as well as in general infrastructure and support services throughout your organisation. Of […]

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Reflecting about adopting more technology

This is just me thinking out loud…  My wife went for a run at the weekend. She does that.  I do not run, for the […]

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“Accessible” is not the same as Inclusion

Do we consider all learners when embedding digital into teaching, learning and assessment? If they don’t have the newest device, good connectivity, unlimited data, can they still participate, engage and learn, what if they have a disability? When practitioners start to use innovative practices and technologies is everyone included? It’s not often that I talk […]

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Designing for Digital Capabilities in the Curriculum

Scott provides an overview of Jisc resources showcased at the recent Connect More events to support digital capability. These resources complement the ‘Curriculum Confidence: Deigning Digital Capabilities in the Curriculum’ sessions at Connect More and are aimed at curriculum staff wishing to embed digital into programmes of study.

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Accessibility considerations for learning analytics

Enshrined in our Code of Practice for Learning Analytics is the principle that learning analytics should be for the benefit of students. It’s important for ethical and legal reasons to ensure that students with special needs are able to benefit equally from the technologies, and are not put at a disadvantage by the collection and use of …

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Virtual fieldwork and equivalent experiences

I thought I’d left this debate behind a while ago, but recently I noticed that “reasonable adjustments” and “equivalent experiences” have appeared in learning technology discussions. I should say that I think learning technologists have the best of intentions, but I also think that there are approaches that will lead to two tier provision, either […]