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Data, Quality Assurance and improving the Student Experience

Data is a fact of life for everyone in higher education. And there’s a lot of it. Among other things, there’s data about students, staff, estates and research. At a national level data turns into metrics, benchmarks and performance indicators. There are percentages, proportions, a standard registration population, headcounts and full person equivalents. Data–driven decision … Read more

#coursedata demonstrators – Oxford Mobile Course Booking app –

The aim of this ongoing series of posts about the various #coursedata demonstrator applications is to give an overview of the different ways a standardised course data feed can be used. One of the use cases voiced when we were commissioning demonstration applications was that they might allow someone in a bus Queue in Bangalore … Read more

#coursedata demonstrators – skills dashboard

In my previous post I looked at how an institution might use their own xcri-cap feed to help advertise relevant courses to existing students. The benefits of using a standardised approach in that case is that the data structures in the specification has already been thought out and tested, so development time can be reduced … Read more

#coursedata demonstrators – Plymouth Moodle block –

In this series of blog posts I’m looking at the Jisc #coursedata programme and in particular how the demonstrator projects  are using the xcri-cap feeds produced by the 63 stage 2 Projects. xcri-cap stands for eXchanging Course Related Information, Course Advertising Profile. xcri-cap is the UK standard for describing course marketing information, and provides a … Read more

#coursedata demonstrators overview

The xcri-cap 1.2 feed produced by each institution as an outputs of the #coursedata programme can be used in a number of ways. As with many interoperability specifications there is a great deal of benefit for the internal systems having a recognised standard to build against. By writing to the specification a canonical set of … Read more

#coursedata demonstrated

Yesterday saw the final face to face programme meeting for the Jisc #coursedata projects. The programme is supporting 63 institutions to review and revise their coursedata processes and as one of the outputs produce an xcri-cap feed. I’ve talked a bit about the feed acceptance criteria in an earlier post  but didn’t really expand on … Read more

#coursedata – Feed acceptance

As Stage 2 of the JISC #coursedata programme enters it’s final stages we will be starting to look at the project outputs. One requirement is the production of : a system generated XCRI-CAP 1.2 feed with a cool URI for institutional course provision, especially part time, online/distance, post graduate and CPD. But what does … Read more

Actionable Insights

Adam Cooper has released another in the CETIS Learning Analytics series. Vol 1, No 5. What is Analytics? Definition and Essential Characteristics It neatly focusses on the practical application of Analytics which it describes as: “…the process of developing actionable insights through problem definition and the application of statistical models and analysis against existing and/or … Read more