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#OLsuccess day 4: round up

Today we asked people how they feel about different kinds of online learning. We wanted to ask this question to find out about some of the emotions experienced as online learners – both positive and negative. We had some great contributions to the discussion forum today with people identifying what they like: “researching topics for end of course … Read more

#OLsuccess day 3: round-up

For today’s round-up I’m going to focus on the tips and strategies for success that online learners are sharing in our #OLsuccess twitter stream and forum posts. Top tips mainly concern motivation and organisation, though there is also advice on how to work productively with others, and a few bits of digital know-how. To stay … Read more

#OLsuccess day 2: round-up

Twitter traffic has continued to build today, and there has been a lot of activity around the #uogapt conference as well as our dedicated hashtag #OLsuccess. You can get the full picture from storify, as usual. Much of today’s discussion picked up themes and thoughts from yesterday (lesson one: online conversations can’t be coralled into … Read more

#OL success day 2: why do you learn online and how do you measure your success?

We know from the research literature that motivation is key to success in online learning. But motivation isn’t easily measured. We all have different reasons for engaging with online learning, and the rewards we expect or hope for will help us to decide whether we have been successful or not. Motivations can also change. Through … Read more