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I work as synthesis consultant on the JISC Curriculum Design programme, as well as advising on a number of other strands of the JISC e-learning programme. I work on a Digital Literacies project at the University of Exeter.

Engaging users with the Digital discovery tool

Originally posted on Jisc Building Digital Capability Blog .

There are only a few weeks to go before we wrap up this pilot phase of the the Digital discovery tool, but still time to get new users involved. Some pilot sites have finished engaging users and are now evaluating how things have gone, but others are still looking for staff and students to give the discovery tool a try. There are five … Read more

Organisational data available

Originally posted on Jisc Building Digital Capability Blog .

If you are part of our organisational pilot of the Digital discovery tool, you will now have access to your data dashboard with visual results from your staff users. Guidance for accessing and reading your data visualisations can be found here. There is also a collaborate webinar on Tuesday 17 April at 13:00 which will walk you through the … Read more

Using Discovery tool data to refine the questions and scoring

Originally posted on Jisc Building Digital Capability Blog .

Thanks to the aggregate data we are getting from our first pilot users, we have been able to compare the median scores for each of the questions asked, and look at some other stats across the different assessments. We were pleased to see from the first data returns that ‘depth’ and ‘breadth’ questions produce the medians we would expect, … Read more

Making use of your tracker data: a flower-arranger’s guide

Originally posted on Jisc Digital Student.

As the last of the snow melts (we hope!) and the daffodils straighten up for spring, you probably also have a fresh crop of tracker data blooming in your BOS dashboard. Although this is a beautiful and heart-lifting sight, we know that data also brings a sense of responsibility. How will you interpret the findings, and how will you … Read more

Piloting the Digital discovery tool with students

Originally posted on Jisc Building Digital Capability Blog .

While our current pilot projects have been getting the Discovery tool into the hands of staff, we’ve been working behind the scenes on the student version. We’re pleased to say that this is user testing well, with students particularly keen on the detailed final report. We’ll be promoting this more positively to learners as the … Read more

Organisational issues – what are we learning?

Originally posted on Jisc Digital Student.

Today we’re discussing the third element of our 360 degree perspective.  Alongside student and teaching staff feedback we have data from the organisational perspective. If you’re engaged in the Tracker pilot this year you will have answered questions about ten organisational factors when you confirmed your place on the project. We’ve been keeping this data … Read more

New developments #2: mini surveys, teacher landings and more

Originally posted on Jisc Digital Student.

As well as launching our staff tracker this week, we’re putting another idea to the test. Alongside the standard staff survey we’ll be offering a mini survey with around half the questions. The 12 providers who are involved in the staff pilot will be assigned one of two options – litre or pint-sized – to … Read more

New developments #1: launching our teaching staff pilot

Originally posted on Jisc Digital Student.

We started the new year by talking about a new, ‘360 degree’ approach to understanding and  enhancing the student digital experience. Here is a snapshot of our thinking to date. Over the next few blog posts we’re going to introduce some new members of the tracker family that together make up a virtuous circle of … Read more

Digital discovery tool launched today

Originally posted on Jisc Building Digital Capability Blog .

Universities, colleges and independent providers that have signed up to pilot the Digital discovery tool will receive their access codes today. On this page you can learn more about the new Discovery tool, the platform, the different assessments available, and the guidance that will help you put it all into practice. Where we are … Read more