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I work as synthesis consultant on the JISC Curriculum Design programme, as well as advising on a number of other strands of the JISC e-learning programme. I work on a Digital Literacies project at the University of Exeter.

Digital discovery tool launched today

Originally posted on Jisc Building Digital Capability Blog .

Universities, colleges and independent providers that have signed up to pilot the Digital discovery tool will receive their access codes today. On this page you can learn more about the new Discovery tool, the platform, the different assessments available, and the guidance that will help you put it all into practice. Where we are … Read more

Teaching staff tracker and the 360 degree perspective

Originally posted on Jisc Digital Student.

For the 2017-18 Tracker, we asked our key contacts to provide information about your organisation in addition to the student data you are gathering through the tracker. This blog post explains how we developed those questions, what they are, and something of how we hope to use them to understand the student digital experience better. … Read more

Seasons greetings and end-of-year update from the Tracker team

Originally posted on Jisc Digital Student.

Wishing all our Tracker contacts and institutions a Merry Christmas and a very Happy, student-centred and data-rich New Year! Thank you for all your interest and support in 2017. We look forward to even stronger data and findings from the Tracker in 2018, and working with you to understand and support the student digital experience. … Read more

Quick guide to customising and launching the tracker

Originally posted on Jisc Digital Student.

As you’ll know by now, there’s plenty of ‘slow’ guidance to customising and launching the tracker from our Guidance page. But if you’re confident about your aims for the tracker, you’ve got your key stakeholders involved, and you’ve used BOS before, you might not need that much detail. This six-step quick guide is for you … Read more

Digging deeper with the discovery tool

Originally posted on Jisc Building Digital Capability Blog .

We now have almost 100 organisations signed up to pilot the new Digital capability discovery tool. The new platform and content will be available to trial with staff from January to May 2018, and a student version will also be available in the trial period. If you’re not part of the pilot, you can still … Read more

Designing for digital capabilities in the curriculum: what’s new?

Originally posted on Jisc digital capability codesign challenge blog.

When we launched the digital capabilities community of practice, a whole number of people signed up for a session on developing the curriculum. I noted some of the ideas that came out of that session, and I’ve been using it as a handy reference ever since. It’s no surprise that session was so popular – … Read more

Getting started with the tracker – this is for you!

Originally posted on Jisc Digital Student.

It’s the last day of October, and the tracker team (mainly Tabetha and Mike) have been incredibly busy this month. If you’ve signed up to complete the tracker in 2017-18 you’re one of more than 230 organisations that have done so.  125 have confirmed their participation and 60 tracker surveys are already launched or in … Read more