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Programme manager with JISC eLearning team, working on Technology and Standards

#coursedata demonstrators – Oxford Mobile Course Booking app –

The aim of this ongoing series of posts about the various #coursedata demonstrator applications is to give an overview of the different ways a standardised course data feed can be used. One of the use cases voiced when we were commissioning demonstration applications was that they might allow someone in a bus Queue in Bangalore … Read more

mmmmm Pi

Another brief interlude in the series of posts about #coursedata demonstrators. On Tuesday evening I nipped down to the #BuildBrighton hackspace  for the monthly meetup of the Brighton Raspberry Pi user group. For those who’ve been living in a hole for the last year, the Raspberry Pi  is a great little bare bones computer, very … Read more

#coursedata demonstrators – skills dashboard

In my previous post I looked at how an institution might use their own xcri-cap feed to help advertise relevant courses to existing students. The benefits of using a standardised approach in that case is that the data structures in the specification has already been thought out and tested, so development time can be reduced … Read more

#coursedata demonstrators – Plymouth Moodle block –

In this series of blog posts I’m looking at the Jisc #coursedata programme and in particular how the demonstrator projects  are using the xcri-cap feeds produced by the 63 stage 2 Projects. xcri-cap stands for eXchanging Course Related Information, Course Advertising Profile. xcri-cap is the UK standard for describing course marketing information, and provides a … Read more

#coursedata demonstrators overview

The xcri-cap 1.2 feed produced by each institution as an outputs of the #coursedata programme can be used in a number of ways. As with many interoperability specifications there is a great deal of benefit for the internal systems having a recognised standard to build against. By writing to the specification a canonical set of … Read more

#coursedata demonstrated

Yesterday saw the final face to face programme meeting for the Jisc #coursedata projects. The programme is supporting 63 institutions to review and revise their coursedata processes and as one of the outputs produce an xcri-cap feed. I’ve talked a bit about the feed acceptance criteria in an earlier post  but didn’t really expand on … Read more

#coursedata – Feed acceptance

As Stage 2 of the JISC #coursedata programme enters it’s final stages we will be starting to look at the project outputs. One requirement is the production of : a system generated XCRI-CAP 1.2 feed with a cool URI for institutional course provision, especially part time, online/distance, post graduate and CPD. But what does … Read more