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Clickbait, Lies and Propaganda

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So, this is not a new subject. Or a new phenomena. And what sparked me off this morning was a tweet from Eric Stoller. There are so many things going on in this tweet I actually struggled on where to start. But then I, like Eric, decided to challenge the headline; because I think it […] Read more

Data visualisation and digital capability

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In a recent webinar, Andy Kirk of Visualising Data fame, talked about the roles and responsibilities involved in effective data visualisation projects. Chris summarises what he learnt and draws comparisons with the Jisc digital capability framework.

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Time to put a stop to the Sound-byte Generation

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Touch-Screen Generation, iPad Generation, Generation Z, Touchscreen Teens These kinds of terms are a useful way for identifying if a talk will be any good or whether it will be full of sound-bytes. But the language is more than that, using it in this way disenfranchises billions of people in the world with no access […] Read more