Exploring Approaches to Attendance Tracking

  Attendance tracking can gather in many ways for example door/room swipes, mobile apps or paper registers.  VLE and attendance are probably the most used data for learning analytics. There are a number of approaches being used to gather attendance data and several products on the market. We heard in previous network meetings from Gary …

Electronic management of assessment

Online exams: migration or transformation?

Our latest blog post is a guest contribution by Stuart Allen who has just completed an MSc in Digital Education at the University of Edinburgh. Stuart has been undertaking research into online exams. This is a short reflection on his research and Stuart will be joining us for a webinar on the topic in September …

Learning Analytics at SITSFEST 2016

Rob Jones and I attended the Tribal SITSFEST in Celtic Manor Newport on Weds 13 July to deliver a breakout session on the Learning Analytics service with Adam Cooper and Richard Palmer from the Tribal Student Insights team. This was my third presentation on the learning analytics service in three days, so it was reassuring …

Digital student

#OLsuccess: into the weekend

Thank you to everyone who has taken part in #OLsuccess this week, whether you have taken our ten-minute survey , contributed to our #olsuccess discussion forum or just been following us on twitter and storify. Because we know many online learners are fitting in their learning around busy working lives – and may be online …

Digital student

#OLsuccess day 3: What makes you a successful online learner?

Today we will be asking you to reflect on what makes you succeed online. We’ll be asking questions like these: What helps you stay organised when you are learning online? What helps you stay focused and engaged when you are learning online? What kind of activities, assignments & social features? What is the most important …

Conferences and Events

Leading Change in Libraries: A keynote for UXLibs 2

We all have experience of change initiatives at one level or another. After being involved in more than 200 change projects across the higher education sector, and working with senior staff at more than 60 universities, this keynote was trying to communicate some general principles around leading change. A lot of people helped me in […]

Greater Manchester Analytics Workshop Report

A workshop in partnership with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce was held on Monday 16 May and attended by 25 people including representatives from colleges and Jisc customers’ service. The workshop was introduced by Louise Timperley, Director of Skills and Employment, Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce & Martin Hall, previous Chair of Jisc now …

Key MI systems in use in English colleges of further education.

Cloud services for FE project We’ve produced a report, which you may find useful, as part of the groundwork for the Cloud services for FE project. This once rejoiced under the name of “Jisc in a box” and also “Shared Services for MI R&D”, if you’re thinking that you haven’t heard of it before. The …


Another end of year ed-tech predictions post ;-)

Well here we are at the end of the year, if you’re anything like me then it is indeed the season to be jolly. However, if you’re one of the many thought-leaders out there on the internet then you’ve probably been looking forward to this point in the year for a while and have been […]