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Co-design challenge: How can we use data to improve teaching and learning?

Welcome to the summary of the #codesign16 discussion on data-driven improvements in teaching and learning. We will be using this blog to collate feedback and post summaries of the discussions happening in various forums during the consultation phase. So please come here to see how the discussion develops and add your views. Comment below, or […]

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FE Digital Student consultations come to Edinburgh

Chris Thomson, subject specialist at Jisc, summarises the Edinburgh consultation event in March. He also captured the keynote by Peter Kilcoyne from Heart of Worcestershire College as well as the thoughts of some of the participants.

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Where did they get that idea from?

Last month we published a report which investigated incoming students’ expectations of the digital environment and how these were formed or influenced by school. The report can be found here. At the time I blogged about the study and report on the main Jisc website and then later on my own site under the title “Disconnected …