#JISCEL12 Black magic

I can remember doing a very brief demo of some Augmented reality technology at an RSC event in Birmingham, probably in 2003?

The demo was from HITLabs NZ “Black Magic”, it involved printing out the big blocky fiduciary markers, aiming a web cam at them, and running a program in a terminal window.
If you held out the marker in your hand a little sail boat plotted a course around your palm.


Black Magic Augmented Reality demonstration

I waited for ages to see a really useful educational example, not having much use for small sailing ships in my day job teaching Agriculture, and the best stuff seemed to be part of the abortive BBC Jam project.

More recently I’ve had the real privilege of seeing the SCARLET project build AR toolkits to extend the teaching and learning capacity of rare books: http://teamscarlet.wordpress.com/ and the work at Exeter on unlocking the hidden curriculum.

All this leads up to my delight on hearing that Kendal College were successful in getting funding for a project in the recent JISC Advance FE programme, to create some AR resources to support plumbers, having already seen their AR prospectus.

The second Activity week session at the JISC Innovating e-Learning conference  will look at the Kendal College project, the Colleges Wales project, to build an itunes hub, and reflect on the other 28 projects in the programme.

Register for the conference.
The fee for Innovating e-Learning 2012 remains unchanged at £50.
Current JISC projects are eligible for one free place, please contact Rob Englebright for details: r.englebright@jisc.ac.uk

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