#JISCEL12 The way of the future

The theme of this years JISC Online e-Learning conference is “shaping the future”, and it’s perhaps timely to look back and think that we’ve been running the conference for seven years and consider how far we’ve come.
Would the conference delegates of 2005 think we’re living the dream, or still asking the same questions, and trying the same solutions?
In the run up to the conference I’m going to be looking at the topics covered in the conference¬†Activity week sessions, considering the distance travelled, and what the future might hold.
To help with this reflection, I’ll be asking three questions…

What does the future hold?
What do we need to change?
What are we doing to adapt?

Of course my flip answer to “What does the future hold?” is always jetpacks and rocket-boots.

But if I’m serious, what does the future hold?…

What are your answers?

I’m also going to be picking up on the idea of pledges from the closing keynote of #jiscel11 Ewan Mackintosh. Did you make a pledge last year? Did you stick to it? Will you make a pledge this year?

Recording of closing keynote 2011

Powerpoint from closing keynote 2011
I’d be delighted to hear your comments.

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