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[RECORDING] Mozilla and web literacies

[slideshare id=12743732&doc=mozillawebmakers-120430061134-phpapp01] Last Friday we were privileged to have Erin Knight and Michelle Levesque from Mozilla run a free, public webinar as part of the JISC Developing Digital Literacies programme. In addition to being able to watch the recording within Blackboard Collaborate, we’ve also exported the webinar as video and audio files along with the … Read more

Book now: two further (free!) JISC Digital Literacies webinars

After the very successful Digital Residents and Visitors webinar last December and the Outcomes from JISC ALLE project in January, we are delighted to announce two further public webinars: Mozilla and web literacies (27 April 2012) A history of Digital Literacy in UK & EU (4 May 2012) Book now! (and please do share via … Read more