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directory of UK online courses not viable for Jisc at present

A mid-project stop/go review meeting on the development of the directory of UK online courses took place near the end of last week. The initial phases of this work (technical feasibility work undertaken by Michael Webb and Tim Richard of Jisc) and a service design review by LiveWork were carefully reviewed and the decision was …

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UK directory of online courses: update

I am delighted to announce that Livework are working with us and the project’s working group to undertake a service design review around the potential of a UK directory of online courses. The Livework team will be looking at: How a directory of online courses can deliver value for different users. What would differentiate a Jisc …

#onlinedirectory #scalinglearning #suoll progress update Scaling up online learning

Proof of concept: developing a directory of UK online courses

As one of the potential solutions identified by the community to help enable institutions to expand their online course offerings, the Scaling up online learning project has been exploring the viability and usefulness of developing a directory of UK online courses. As a very first exploration of this, Michael Webb, Jisc’s Director of technology and analytics, has put …