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ALT Online Winter Conference #altc

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ALT’s Online Winter Conference, now in its fourth year, is back to showcase some of the best Learning Technology from ALT Members from across sectors. The conference will take place online from 12 to 13 December 2017, giving ALT Members an opportunity to highlight the work they and their community have been involved with and … Continue reading ALT Online Winter Conference #altc Read more

Opening and Closing at #altc

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The opening keynote at the ALT Conference this year was by Bonnie Stewart. Bonnie Stewart is an educator and social media researcher fascinated by who we are when we’re online. An instructor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada, and Founder/Director of the media literacy initiative Antigonish 2.0, Bonnie explores … Continue reading Opening and Closing at #altc Read more

Drawing at #altc

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I spent the last week at the ALT Conference in Liverpool where I listened and participated in a range of sessions on learning technologies. As I did the previous year I did manage to make some sketch notes of the keynotes and some of the sessions. I was using the iPad pro, Paper by 53 … Continue reading Drawing at #altc Read more

Making preparations for #altc or where do I buy the decent coffee?

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I do think it is worthwhile taking the time to prepare for attending a conference, such as the ALT Conference in Liverpool in September My first ALT conference was in 2003 in Sheffield, this was also one of the first “proper” conferences I had attended. After that conference I have attended many conferences here in … Continue reading Making preparations for #altc or where do I buy the decent coffee? Read more

Planning your session for #altc

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  So I know you have already planned your session for the ALT conference next week? No? Good! Even if you have planned your session, you might find these tips and advice useful. Don’t run over time… This always happens, even with good timekeeping from conference organisers there is nothing more annoying when a session … Continue reading Planning your session for #altc Read more

Top Ten Blog Posts 2016

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Over the last 12 months I have written 43 blog posts, in 2015 I wrote 24 blog posts. In 2014 I wrote 11 and in 2013 I wrote 64 blog posts and over a hundred in 2012. In 2011 I thought 150 was a quiet year! Dropping four places to tenth, is my post VideoScribe … Continue reading Top Ten Blog Posts 2016 Read more

Be online ready!

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  New resources launched On Wednesday, during our ‘Creating online experiences that learners will value‘ session at ALT-C we launched a range of online learning resources that have been produced as part of our Scaling up online learning and Digital Student projects. Along with our report ‘What makes a successful online learner?‘ we launched our beta online learning readiness … Read more

Down the #altc road

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Reading Maren Deepwell’s recent post about her #altc journey, it reminded me of the many conferences I have attended and like her the impact that they had on my life and professional practice. Going back to my experiences of my first ALT-C I was surprised I even went again! 2003 – Disappointment The first Association … Continue reading Down the #altc road Read more

Looking forward ALT-C 2016

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With the announcement of the keynotes for ALT-C 2016, which I am looking forward to and sound exciting. It is interesting to reflect on the keynotes that have been before at previous conferences. There are a fair few of these keynotes available on the YouTube and there are many which had a real impact on me. … Continue reading Looking forward ALT-C 2016 Read more

Digital anonymity

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One of the six elements of digital capability as outlined in our published framework is digital identity Across the web on various blogs, there have been some interesting articles and views on identity. I really started to engage with the web in 1997 and back then the default behaviour was to be mainly anonymous or if you … Read more