June digital experience insights blog

Welcome to the June digital experience insights blog post. This month we have news of the 2019-20 student survey which received nearly 40,000 responses and the collaborative work we have been carrying out to develop the researcher survey question set ready for launch in Oct 2020!

The key topics in the June blog this month include:

  1. Student survey now closed – benchmarking groups set up
  2. The professional services staff (26 June) and teaching staff (3 July) surveys closing soon – one final push!
  3. Recording of ‘how to analyse your survey data’ webinar – 14 May
  4. How to present your pre and post-Covid-19 data
  5. Service evaluation – help us make it better for you by giving us your thoughts and ideas
  6. New Researcher survey – launch in Oct 2020
  7. Digital experience insights and building digital capability community of practice on 21 May – watch recordings or download the resources
  8. Work with us to host the next community of practice event in Nov 2020
  9. Free online conferences
  1. Student survey now closed – benchmarking groups set up

Thank you to all the colleges and universities who have been running the student digital experience insights surveys. We have had a record response this year and have collected close to 40,000 responses from across FE and HE.

You are now able to access the sector benchmarking data so you can compare your results with those of the sector you are in. A reminder that guidance on how to access the benchmarking data in online surveys is available from Section 4 of  https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cAGg3kH95t8lf-wQd4L2E11i8ZcOVtOqK7oAG4e9FrU (opens in new window)

  1. The professional services staff (26 June) and teaching staff (3 July) surveys closing soon –  one final push!

In the current climate this data will be invaluable in feeding into the planning of your digital services at your organisation. There is still time to get going. Take a look at our quick six-step guide (opens in new window) on how to launch in under an hour.

  1. Recording of 14th May ‘how to analyse your survey data’ webinar

Here is a link to the webinar we ran on 14th Webinar https://www.slideshare.net/secret/12DxP0E1OMJQ2Y (opens in new window) This can also be found on https://digitalinsights.jisc.ac.uk/our-service/community-of-practice/ (opens in new window) under Previous community of practice events and webinars In addition, our guidance on analysing and understanding your insights survey data is available from: https://docs.google.com/document/d/131yLyiix4KUVRktHTQSqKgImZnAVe94NbIBNYM6rLU0/edit#heading=h.gjdgxs (opens in new window)

  1. How to present your pre and post-Covid-19 data You may have run an additional, second insights survey(s) if your previous one was run pre-Covid 19, so you can compare responses pre and post-Covid 19. Alternatively, if your survey(s) were run over before and after lock down when remote teaching started, you may wish to have your responses date stamped so you can separate out the pre and post-Covid 19 survey responses. We have developed an Excel spreadsheet that will explain in more detail how to do this and will also produce charts that allow you to visualise your data pre and post-Covid 19 responses, which can then be presented in your PowerPoint slides where you feel it is most appropriate. You can download this spreadsheet at the bottom of https://digitalinsights.jisc.ac.uk/running-insights-surveys/our-resources/ (opens in new window) under the Tools to help you analyse and present your data
  1. Service evaluation – help us make it better for you by giving us your thoughts and ideas

We hope you derive great value out of running the insights surveys and the actionable insights you gather from your findings. We would really value your feedback to help us understand your experience and make sure the service contains all the support and resources you need. We will soon be sending out a short service evaluation form that we hope that you can complete in-10-15 minutes.

  1. Researcher report and new question set launch in Oct 2020

Thank you to all the universities that participated in the researcher pilot and to our expert panel for sharing your valuable experience and time to review and consider our findings. We are delighted to announce that we will be launching a new researcher question set in October along with the refreshed student, teaching staff and professional service staff question sets. All four surveys will have their questions reviewed in light of the pandemic so we can better ensure they ask the questions you need answers to. If you would like to know more about this review process, please get in touch with us via help@jisc.ac.uk (putting ‘insights surveys’ in the subject line) (opens in new window).

Early in July we will be publishing a short report about our findings from the researcher pilot on our website at https://digitalinsights.jisc.ac.uk/reports-and-briefings/our-reports/ (opens in new window)

7. Digital experience insights and building digital capability community of practice event on – 21 May 21st Full blog (or Short version) (opens in new window) provides a summary of the event and links to the presentations. Our first joint building digital capability and digital experience insights community of practice was originally due to be a face-to-face event kindly hosted by the University of Northampton at their Waterside Campus. Unfortunately, that was not to be, but Rob Howe, head of learning technology at the University of Northampton worked with us to build an engaging and relevant online programme (opens in new window) for the day.


  1. Work with us to host the next community of practice event in November 2020

Sharing effective practice is at the heart of the community of practice and we hope you all agree that it was fantastic to hear Northampton University showcase their excellent work. We hope to be able to visit their innovative campus soon so that we can see the how they have implemented their approach to teaching and learning. If you are interested in working with us to host the next community of practice event and showcase your institution please get in touch with Ruth Drysdale (ruth.drysdale@jisc.ac.uk) (opens in new window).

  1. Free online conferences –
  • 10-11th June EUNIS Opening Education for the Future https://www.eunis.org/eunis2020/ (opens in new window) European University Information Systems organisation mission is to help member institutions develop their IT landscape by sharing experiences and working together.
  • 16-18th June Jisc Connect More Elevating the student experience There has never been a more significant time to network with fellow members, so this online event will still offer plenty of opportunities to engage with your community. You will find out how to elevate the student experience during this challenging time by hearing first-hand examples of effective digital practice from peers across both HE and FE and pick up a host of new ideas to put into practice at your organisation. https://www.jisc.ac.uk/connect-more (opens in new window)


Note as well as these monthly blogs, we also offer full guidance on using the service (opens in new window).

If you have any questions/need help or would like us to include any items in future blogs, please do contact us at help@jisc.ac.uk (putting ‘insights surveys’ in the subject line).

Best wishes

Jisc digital experience insights team



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