Digital literacies

Questions of the digital literacies oracle

At the learning and teaching experts group meeting last week I asked delegates to think about their digital literacies challenges, and consider what one question they would ask the digital literacies oracle if they had a chance. The results of that activity can be seen in this document. I grouped the issues and questions into four main areas:

  • Definitions, terms and models
  • Key aspects of digital literacies
  • Supporting digital literacy development
  • Employer engagement

Two key things strike me about the questions and challenges: firstly, as you’d expect from this audience, they display a level of maturity in thinking about and supporting the development of digital literacies; and secondly, that there are still many issues and challenges outstanding, which supports the findings of other work Jisc has been carrying out with our community on needs and challenges. I think this is partly at least because digital literacies work at an institutional level is so much about the lived experience and discussing and promoting a shared understanding: despite the best will to build on the work of others, the contextualisation and ‘what it means for us’ is still challenging and takes time. But we also recognise the need to build on the resources I mentioned in my previous post to ensure that we are providing the most appropriate advice, guidance and resources for the community in this area.

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