JISC on Air Radio Show – developing digital literacies for working in a digital world

In the seventh episode of our online radio programmes – JISC On Air – we are exploring how colleges and universities are developing digital literacies for working in a digital world. This is the second part of a two-part series, focusing on digital literacies. Part one is available here.

In this show, Kim Catcheside, interviews staff and students involved in the Digital Literacies in Transition – A Model for Transforming Graduate Attributes JISC-funded project, which is developing a model to support digital maturity linked to graduate attribute development. Simon Walker and Mark Kerrigan, explains how the project is employing cross-university studentships to foster a community of student-led change. Students, Rebecca and Daniel speak about their involvement in the project. The project is also engaging with employers to develop and pilot a ‘Rate our Graduates’ initiative that will subsequently feed into curriculum design and delivery workshops.

Helen Beetham, synthesis consultant for the JISC Developing Digital Literacies programme, also shares the outcomes from the synthesis from the baseline reviews from the 12 Developing Digital Literacies projects and 10 professional bodies and associations which provide valuable insights into the emerging issues from the programme.

For further information on JISC’s work in this area visit:
http://www.jisc.ac.uk/developingdigitalliteracies and http://bit.ly/ddl-prog
• Collation of digital literacies projects’ blog postings: http://bit.ly/jiscdlblogs
• Programme blog: https://elearningprogs.jiscinvolve.org
• Programme related webinars: http://bit.ly/jiscdiglitwebinars
• Subscribe to JISC-DIGLIT-PUBLIC@jiscmail.ac.uk mailing list for updates about the programme and follow #jiscdiglit on Twitter
• For institutional videos from the Developing Digital Literacies projects visit http://bit.ly/jiscdlprogvideos to hear about how they are implementing digital literacies at a strategic level
• Digital literacies resources on the Design Studio: http://bit.ly/designstudiodiglit
• Digital literacies workshop materials: http://bit.ly/jiscdiglitworkshops

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