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Introducing James Clay and Lawrie Phipps #altc

This year I am attending ALT-C 2016 in Warwick and along with my colleague Lawrie Phipps will be running a workshop on the Wednesday looking at digital capabilities and organisational mapping. Digital technologies are driving some significant changes in the world of work, and are deeply implicated in others. Effective use of digital technology by … Continue reading Introducing James Clay and Lawrie Phipps #altc Read more

e-Learning Stuff Podcast #090: Location Independence Day

We explore what is Location Independent Working and the issues and challenges that surround this issue. With James Clay, Donna Lanclos and Lawrie Phipps. This is the 90th e-Learning Stuff Podcast, Location Independence Day. Download the podcast Shownotes The blog post discussed in the podcast: Something, not somewhere, and increasingly somewhen Update: Since publishing the podcast, … Continue reading e-Learning Stuff Podcast #090: Location Independence Day Read more

Digital anonymity

One of the six elements of digital capability as outlined in our published framework is digital identity Across the web on various blogs, there have been some interesting articles and views on identity. I really started to engage with the web in 1997 and back then the default behaviour was to be mainly anonymous or if you … Read more

Focusing on Digital Capability in Manchester

Last week I was in Manchester for ALT-C 2015, the biggest learning technology conference in the UK with over 500 delegates. This is the event where learning technologists, heads of elearning and TEL descend to find out and share what’s new. There was lots of discussion and chatter about digital capabilities and the digital capability … Read more