The e-Learning Show – Lifelong Learning

Thursday, 21 May sees the pilot programme of a new JISC live internet radio programme, the e-Learning Show.

The programme will be broadcast from 1800 – 1855 UK summer time and is based on issues raised at the recent JISC Lifelong Learning Symposium. A
report on the symposium is now available.

Issues discussed will include
• how university and college cultures need to change to support work based learning,
• who are the new students and what are their needs
• how e-Portfolios can be used both for recording learning and for providing information, advice and guidance and
• the use of mobile technologies to support lifelong learning

The programme considers both current and emergent practices in e-learning and the development of policies to support such practice.

The programme will be presented by Graham Attwell and guests include
• Derek Longhurst from Foundation Degree Forward,
• Clive Church from Edexel,
• Lucy Stone from Leicester College,
• Tony Toole from the University of Glamorgan,
• Bob Bell, HE in FE consultant for the northern region,
• Sandra Winfield from Nottingham University and
• Rob Ward from the Centre for Recording Achievement

The programme will also feature a live panel with the opportunity for listeners to skype or email their questions and comments and there will be a live chat room for listeners.

To listen to the programme go to This will open the LIVE radio stream in your MP3 player of choice.

You can take part in the chat room at Just add your name and press enter – no password required.

You can leave comments on the e-learning blog and also access a report on the Lifelong learning Symposium nearer the event. Links to the podcast will also be posted to the blog page so can listen to the show even if you miss the live broadcast.

If you like to send us questions for the panel in advance of the programem, email Graham Attwell – or skype to GrahamAttwell.

6 thoughts on “The e-Learning Show – Lifelong Learning

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  2. Clare Groom

    As this is a pilot show – we’d really like to hear your views – please add your comments on the content, timing, format or anything else you liked/disliked about the show

  3. Clare Groom

    Our new Lifelong Learning & Workforce Development programme aims to support Higher Education institutions in using digital technologies to meet the needs of employers and work-based learners. We are concerned not only with the technologies themselves, but also the processes and ‘cultural’ changes that are needed to reap the benefits of such technologies –

    Incidentally, this is part of a wider programme of work, the Institutional Innovation programme, which is aimed at supporting existing institutional strategies by providing solutions to institution-wide issues. We aim to demonstrate by example innovation and good practice and to build knowledge and experience which can be shared with other educational institutions.

    … Look out for a review of the Lifelong Learning Show in June’s edition of Inform (written by yours truly!)

  4. Cristina Costa

    I really enjoyed the show yesterday.
    It was a bit different from what we were used to with ‘sounds of the bazaar’ but it was equally interesting.
    It sounded very professional – lots of effort to put that together – that’s for sure, but I think it was worth doing so. Like it was often mentioned in the chatroom the music was also superb and was a great startegy to move from one topic to the other. Of course the other part that I thoroughly enjoyed was the fact we had a live panel – totally based on spontaneous questions and answers, which the virtual audience was able to contribute with.
    What else can I say: keep it up! We need more of this. It not only gives access to the voices of the more experienced, it also allow us to interact with them and add our own thoughts and questions.

    Congratulations. I loved the innovative approach. We need more like this one… 😉

  5. Bernadette Rego

    Thank you for this highly informative broadcast. I enjoyed listening to the issues at hand with the use of digital technologies in work place settings. You had a broad list of guests making it a more engaging format for the audience.

    I look forward to more e-learning shows in the near future!

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