Digital Visitors and Residents: Project Feedback

Last Friday we had the privilege of welcoming David White (University of Oxford) and Dr. Lynn Silipigni Connaway (OCLC) to present some of the findings from their JISC-funded work on Digital Visitors and Residents. Slides, audio and a recording of the Blackboard Collaborate session can be found below:

[slideshare id=10573310&doc=visitorsandresidentspdfofppt-111213044409-phpapp01]

Speaker icon Listen to recording of Digital Visitors and Residents: Project Feedback

Blackboard Collaborate icon Watch recording of Digital Visitors and Residents: Project Feedback

Update: Thanks to Ann Priestley who has given us a nudge to get the chat transcript up along with links to blog posts about the session:

Read chat transcript

Read blog posts by Dave White, Bex Lewis, Helen Beetham and Alan Cann about the session.

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